Paul's Work

Paul Manly has proven himself.

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He’s a climate champion.

Paul fights for the bold, courageous action we need to keep our communities safer and healthier. That’s why David Suzuki has endorsed him. Paul is one of the top three MPs raising the issue of climate change in parliament. He is the number one MP calling for a national ban on fracking and for federal action to protect old-growth forests.


He leads with good ideas.

In parliament, Paul is a leader on important issues. He advocated for improvements to COVID relief programs that helped more individuals and small businesses get the help they needed. His work on long-term care, housing affordability, and old-growth forest conservation has influenced the election platforms of other parties.


He works across party lines.

Paul believes in supporting good ideas, no matter who proposes them. He has voted for legislation brought forward by all parties. He doesn’t heckle or engage in partisan bickering.


He’s fighting for you.

Paul is calling for stronger regulation of the housing market, so people can afford to live here. He’s pushing the government to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, end poverty, and ensure access to mental health care. He’s also advocating for a wealth tax because it’s time the ultra-wealthy and big corporations paid their fair share.