Manly welcomes Liberal old-growth promises but rebukes claim that Liberals are leading the charge

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Paul Manly welcomes Liberal old-growth promises but rebukes claim that Liberals are leading the charge

August 22, 2021

After a year of pressing the Liberal government to take action, Paul Manly is welcoming the Liberals’ decision to finally protect old-growth forests. The Liberals’ recent announcement includes measures that were specifically proposed by Manly, but falsely claims that no other federal party is proposing concrete steps to protect old-growth.

"Since the Fairy Creek protests started I have been pressing the federal government to intervene to protect the last of these threatened ecosystems in BC,” said Manly. “I am happy to see that the Liberals have finally listened and are promising to take action. I just hope that this is not like the empty BC NDP election promise to protect old-growth forests. So far, the Liberals have repeatedly abdicated responsibility and answered me with empty words.”

Last August, the Green Party issued a press release calling for an end to old-growth logging in the Fairy Creek watershed on southern Vancouver Island. Blockades have been in place at Fairy Creek since then to prevent large swaths of the last remaining intact old-growth forests on Vancouver Island from being logged. Manly first visited Fairy Creek the same month the blockades began and has visited many times since. As far as we know, no other federal party or Member of Parliament has visited the blockades.

In February, Manly introduced Motion 71, urging the federal government to work with the provinces and First Nations to immediately halt old-growth logging, prioritize and fund long-term protection of these ecosystems, and support value-added forestry initiatives in partnership with First Nations based on second- and third-growth harvesting. Manly sent four letters to Liberal ministers urging them to take specific concrete actions to protect old-growth ecosystems, finance their long-term conservation, and support Indigenous-led initiatives.

Manly has also sponsored more than 60 parliamentary petitions calling for federal action to protect old-growth forests. "I asked a number of NDP MPs if they would help me table the stack of old growth petitions I had received. Only one of them responded and said that they couldn't."

“The Liberals’ claim that they are leading the charge on old-growth protection is fiction. Anyone who has been following the situation at Fairy Creek knows that no other party has shown interest until election promises were on the line. My record speaks for itself. Greens have been there all along.”



Aug 2020: Fairy Creek blockades began. Paul Manly made his first of several visits to Fairy Creek. The Green Party issued a press release calling for federal protection of old-growth.

Oct 2020: Paul Manly sponsored the first of over 60 parliamentary petitions calling for old-growth protection.

Feb 2021: Paul Manly introduced Motion 71 in the House of Commons with concrete actions to protect old-growth.

Mar 2021: Paul Manly asked the government to protect old-growth during Question Period.

Mar 2021: Paul Manly followed up on his question to the government in the House of Commons.

May-Jul 2021: Paul Manly sent 4 letters to Liberal ministers urging them to take specific actions to protect old-growth.

Aug 2021: David Suzuki endorsed Paul Manly’s re-election campaign, in part due to his leadership on old-growth protection.



1. Letter to Minister Wilkinson (May 18, 2021)

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2. Letter to Minister Wilkinson (June 3, 2021)

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3. Letter to Minister Wilkinson (July 22, 2021)

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4. Letter to Ministers Bennett and Miller (July 26, 2021)

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